Depression Can Be A Major Cause Of Paralysis Stroke

Washington:Depression can be a major cause of paralysis Stroke because paralysis is considered major cause of deaths that happen every year in America. According to a new research,men and women with symptoms of severe depression and anxiety have a higher risk of paralysis (Stroke). Dr.Maya J. who has related to the university of Pittsburgh is … Read more

Being Constantly Worried and Sad Could Cause Early Death

Get worried about anything and feel pain in your heart can get your life in trouble.According to medical experts, to take all the things serious to heart can cause death. According to the research conducted in the America, being constantly worried and sad affects the vessels of heart.Therefore heart does not fully work and chance … Read more

Medical Experts Say Eight Hours Of Sleep Is A Sign Of Healthy Life

According to a recent research, people who sleep less than six hours, they invite many diseases.In these diseases, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and obesity are very popular. Medical experts say that people who sleep five hours or less, suffer from high blood pressure and high cholesterol likely nearly two times than those who sleep … Read more