Depression Can Be A Major Cause Of Paralysis Stroke

Washington:Depression can be a major cause of paralysis Stroke because paralysis is considered major cause of deaths that happen every year in America.

According to a new research,men and women with symptoms of severe depression and anxiety have a higher risk of paralysis (Stroke).

Dr.Maya J. who has related to the university of Pittsburgh is the led of this research.She says, men and women who have severe depression or anxiety have a higher risk of paralysis (Stroke)depression treatment can improve not only the patient’s mental condition, but the patient can also keep himself away from the diseases like heart disease and stroke.

Stroke is considered major reason of deaths that happens in America every year.

Researchers monitored 6,019 men and women for 16 years to know the connection between depression and stroke and the reviewed the derived data.

During this, 419 depression patients affected by stroke,but it was noted that the men and women who have symptoms of depression such as anxiety,stress or become nervous,they have higher risk of stroke than other patients.

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